Velinda Peyton

Brandon’s Mom, a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist, animal and nature lover, and author with a financial consultant background.  My passion is turning my past experiences and wisdom into a springboard for helping people through my websites, presentations, classes and books.  I am the founder of The Jenna Brandon Company and affiliate websites including Brandon’s House Program.

Why I do this:  I am dedicated to making this world a better place by helping people change and recreate their lives after tragedy.  I do this because I know that no one has to suffer and live in lack no matter what their past may have been, how long it may have been, or what your current circumstances are.  It is my own past and experience that drives me to this purpose.  There is no better teacher and no replacement for experience.

Jenna Gilbert

Brandon’s sister, a freelance licensed cosmetologist, intuitive therapist, life coach and love and relationship advisor.  Sensitive, empathic, spiritual teacher and healer.  Inspiring writer, soul-survivor, you-tuber, ex addict, beloved sister, daughter and pet mother

Why I do this:  By taking my greatest hang-ups, hurts, pain and turning them into good.  By sharing my story in hopes to inspire someone out there who may also be experiencing pain that they have someone to relate to, knowing they aren’t alone.  This is only one part of fulfilling my life’s purpose.