By:  Velinda Peyton

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative


Ever met one of those empty shell people who just can’t seem to be happy no matter how good life is?  You know the kind…the ones who are so eternally miserable it makes you wonder what happened to them. These negative, doubting, pessimists resort to blaming and complaining about everything. They constantly disparage other people and are rarely friendly.  They get out of bed this way and go to bed with the same mindset.  Their attitude is so turned off to anything positive or happy that they have inadvertently acquiesced to having no power over their lives. 

Their minds could not possibly be a very pleasant place to live. 

Whenever I meet someone like this, it makes me want to run from them in desperation so I don’t have to listen to them any longer than necessary.  I refuse to be dragged down to their lower-level vibrations. Still, I’m so grateful for the experience they have given me, as I’m reminded I don’t have it so bad because I don’t have to live inside their head.

What a life-killer attitude and way to live.

And yet…it doesn’t have to be that way…

I like being happy.  I like feeling good.  I love people and animals and nature and can’t imagine my life without these beautiful gifts.  I like the way I feel when I’ve done something to make another person feel good about themselves.  I like helping people who don’t know how to find clarity.  I thrive on the beautiful freedom of an optimistic attitude…and all the abundance that is drawn into my life because I choose a positive journey.  I insist on finding the good or the reason in every situation that may first appear to be a setback.  I trust that life is like a flowing river, taking me exactly where I need to go.  I have faith in this river, knowing that all the reasons will be revealed with time.  I’m grateful for the power to choose, the ability to set goals and the independence to achieve them.  I’m thankful beyond words for the freedom to dream and the free-will to make my dreams happen. I relax in the wisdom of age and the ability to control my mind so I can experience all the joy life has to offer. I look forward to all the sunshine today and tomorrow will bring.  And, I opt to remember the good from the past and savor the lessons from the adversity.

Because of this, I have no room for negativity.

Life is worth living.