“What has been in your life up till now…
All the mistakes, all the wrong choices,
All the wrong people, all the heartache, all the pain
All the missed opportunity, all the emptiness…
Has nothing to do with
What still can be…




What if one day you decided you didn’t want to live the way you were living anymore?  You were tired of the lifeless routine, the stress, the anxiety, the suffering, and struggle. You were disheartened by the negative emotions you felt and their subsequent effect.  And you were discouraged by the emptiness of your life, the lack of happiness, passion and fulfillment.  You knew you wanted to change your life but you didn’t know how or where to start.  What if…

I’ve seen so much good come from what once was bad that I can’t ignore all the possibilities and potential that is there.  Everything you want is possible if you believe.  To change you must first start with yourself and what is holding you back from creating the life you want.  And change needs to be approached with an open mind and the willingness to do whatever it takes…to be willing to change your story, beliefs, behavior, habits, thinking, actions, environment and even people.

Sometimes, bottom is the best place you can be.  There is freedom at bottom and a chance to start over…only now with the life you want to create without all the nonsense that inhibited you.  It’s a chance to analyze yourself and your situation, understand who you really are, who you want to be, and what your dreams and aspirations are.  You decide that you will never settle for anything beneath you, or for anything less than what you deserve. You will never settle for anything or anyone who tries to bring you down or stand in the way of what you want your life to be.  And you will not allow anyone who does not resonate with you on the same level of your values, beliefs and character to stay in your life.

 “If you really want to change your life, you’ll change your life!”
No excuses, no hesitation, no interference.
It’s a solid decision you make in a second and you never go back…no matter how difficult the road.


When a person decides they want to change and are committed to change, nothing gets in their way. People change when they make breakthroughs…that moment that strikes like lightening when you know you’ve had enough. You come to a point where life is too difficult to keep living the way you are.  That’s when that moment of truth surfaces and you decide you’re done with living in lack, pain and monotonous, uninspired routine.  Like the addict who realizes the high isn’t worth the withdrawals, you realize the way you are living is worse than the struggle of change.

“Most people settle for lives far beneath their true capabilities.
 Let your disappointments motivate you.   Life is about emotions.
It’s not conditions but decisions that determine our lives” 

Tony Robbins

 However, for things to get better, you have to first get better. You have to change. You have to work on yourself because working on yourself will change everything in your life from money to relationships.  You have to work on your limitations…perceived limitations.  Perceived limitations are what hold you back.  These perceived limitations inhibit what you want…your dreams, your potential, your beliefs, and your life.  Limitations are simply stories you tell yourself about your life…which may or may not be true.  You have to start with your story and change it to be more in tune with what you want and who you really are. What are your values and beliefs?  What emotions empower you and which ones destroy you?  Your story controls your emotions and your emotions control your behavior, actions, and beliefs.  It’s not circumstances, the past, mistakes, regrets, disadvantage, money, etc., that determine our lives, but the beliefs and decisions we make.  Your thoughts and beliefs can empower or disempower you.

And, yes, sometimes you have to go through hell to get there.  Many people do go through hell to the other side, and then they rebuild and survive…that’s okay.  Other people do something with the hell they’ve gone through to help others.

There is something so triumphant about suffering
when it positively changes a person forever”


Questions to answer:

Why do I want to change my life?

What brought you here?

What do you hope to get out of this?

What are you committed to?

What is good about your life, what is bad about your life?

What is preventing you from having the life you want?

What behaviors, emotions, habits, story, conflict, attitude, past, etc., is preventing you from having the life you want?

How much are you willing to work to change your life?

What resources do you have to achieve your goals (if any)?

How are your “selfs” (self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-appreciation, etc.)?

Are you willing to work on yourself?

What will you do to block interference that may cause you to stop?

Do you have an open mind about this class and what you can learn?

What do you feel at this time are obstacles to achieving your goals?

How willing are you to change?

What do you feel you have to offer, what are your talents?

What have you done so far to achieve your goals (if anything)?

What do you feel you most need to change about yourself? 

What is blocking your progress…fear of loss, giving up, disappointment, old habits

    and behaviors, familiarity, people, emotions, recent loss, etc.? (whatever it is,

    you can’t go back to the same thing that got you to where you are today)

 And remember…

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right”



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