“What has been in your life up till now…
                                  All the mistakes,
                             All the wrong choices,
                              All the wrong people,
                         All the missed opportunity,
                      All the heartache, all the pain…
                           Has nothing to do with
                              What still can be”


Most people live their entire life in a “story” or with an “identity” they believe about their life and themselves…which may have nothing to do with who they really are within. The most important thing a person can do is to realize and live their authentic self, and create a life of meaning with their personal talents, dreams and aspirations.

You deserve however many chances it takes until you get it right.  Giving up on yourself is never the answer. Every person has a place and a purpose to be here on this earth. Some people simply need to change the way they have been living, thinking, behaving and stop giving up. 

This life-changing Program that will provide you with solid tools, knowledge, insight, and the power you need to create a significantly different life.  This Program has been researched, studied, and experienced for over 10 years.  What we offer is a program of starting over to restore people who have gone through grief, trauma, or life turned upside down.  This Program is interactive and depends only on the amount of commitment, effort and  dedication you give to it.


“How One Decision could change your life”


What if there was something Life-Transforming you have overlooked all your life that was right in front of you?

What if that something was positive real change that was Lasting?

What if there was a Different Way, something so profound that it would change your life for the better?

What if you could Discover the changes you need now through our Brandon’s House Program?

What if I could teach you what I learned about how to change your Destiny?

What if you could tap into this brand new life in just a few short weeks?

What if there were a Program that helped you tap into the true person you are within.

This program is not magic.
It is a different way of thinking, behaving, and responding to life that most people don’t practice.
You can stay in the life you have or change it.

After years of struggle with drug addiction, Brandon came to realize that your destiny is something only you can create.  Most people don’t understand the power they were born with to control their destiny.

During his years of on and off again drug use, he met people in all walks of life and all ages who were suffering needlessly from a traumatic event, a lifestyle out of control, a lifetime of lack or neglect, abuse issues from childhood, or a lack of self-worth…any of which sometimes throws a person into a need for escape…through substance abuse or any number of self-destructive habits and patterns.  They all thought their history was their destiny. Brandon felt their pain and it hurt him to see people suffer when he knew he could help them realize a different way of thinking, behaving, living, believing and reacting to life’s issues.   

Together with his Mom, an award-winning author and spiritual teacher, and his Sister, an Intuitive Therapist, we started Brandon’s House Program. This Program will enlighten you to a whole different way of thinking, behaving and living that most people don’t realize.  For many people the techniques in this Program will be an extraordinary break-through of wisdom.  You will also learn an intense deepening of your relationship with yourself.  You will be empowered with a mindset of how to align your personal powers with your goals, dreams and visions.

When Brandon first started this venture, it had nothing to do with teaching what he learned.  He wanted to find a way to cope with drug use and a life that had spiraled out of control into the black hole common with substance use.  He was determined to find a better way to live in spite of the s**t life hands us sometimes.  When he was in rehab, he always encouraged the other residents not to give up and to keep seeking the life they dreamed of.  This made him feel good to help others and he knew he had to do something with it.

Brandon wanted people to understand that an unhappy childhood, bad decisions, huge mistakes, heartache and loss, substance abuse etc., does not have to stay a part of your life.  So, Brandon’s House Program was created for anyone seeking to change a life of lack and suffering into a meaningful life free of substance abuse or the trauma of a difficult life. 

Brandon did not live to see his Program implemented, but it was his wish to find a way to help others and he knew this Program was it.

“I know what I want, so that’s where I start”


For anyone who is serious about change, fed-up with how you are living, and willing to do the work it takes to change, this Program is for you.  The decision you make now can change everything, and an amazing life is all in your destiny.  We know everyone promises that their program is “life changing”.  This one is…so take a chance.

What have you got to lose?

The outcome is up to you.

What better choice is there than to take a leap and change your life?

“People seem to lose faith so easily.
Isn’t that the whole point of believing?
Tomorrow will bring promises that today couldn’t make”  





What you will learn (partial list)

 A rich and deeper relationship with yourself.

Lasting changes in the way you live

The amazing way attitude will change your life

The window to “the Selfs” and how to love exactly who you are…no excuses

Why failure is not failure, mistakes are not always mistakes, and coincidence is fate

The Power of perception, truth and reality

Improving and understanding relationships, and why you have to let go of toxic people

Finding the meaning and purpose in your life because every person has a talent and something to contribute

Overcoming major life challenges

Learning to handle the down-times without turning to abusive, self-destructive habits

How to let go of yesterday and start over no matter what you have been through

That your life from today on can be Amazing

Making a difference in your world with who you are and what you have to offer

Tapping into your internal powers and talents to create the life you want.

Life after rehab and substance abuse.  It’s more than a lifestyle change. 

The magic is YOU and what you put into this.  If you:  attend the sessions, open your mind, contribute to the discussions, and do the work, you will gain from our Program enormous benefit that will enhance and change your life for the better  


Brandon’s House is not a Rehab or a rehab program.  Our focus is on the mind…changing habits, behavior, thinking and life-long destructive habits…forever. Our program is for anyone serious about changing their life. 

Participants taking the program in an in-person workshop MUST NOT be using any kind of substance abuse and should be in a recovery status. No exceptions.

Fee for in person workshops is $150 each which includes interactive workbooks, daily take-home information, thought for the day homework and more. Groups of 50 or more qualify to receive a discount. The amount of time for each program will be determined by the number of people that sign up.  Workshops can be scheduled at different times and locations to accommodate the group.  Online programs will be offered at specific times.  Multiple sessions will be required for each workshop.

The members of Brandon’s House Program are not doctors, counselors or medical professionals.  We are not a substance abuse program or a counseling service. We do not offer medical or psychological advice or recommendations.  If we recognize at-risk behaviors, we will only recommend that a person seek professional help. We always advocate seeking professional help if any medical, mental or substance abuse health problems are present or imminent.

Our program is not about dealing with individual problems, trauma or grief.  It is a program focused on moving forward from where ever you are in your life right now.


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