As of February 2021, introduction and parts of our program will be offered to anyone wanting to follow our site.  Please check daily for new insights and information.

Brandon’s House was started to encourage, inspire, educate and support people who have experienced significant life trauma including substance abuse.  Nothing from your past has to become a part of your future.  With education, inspiration and persistent determination, you can overcome anything.  Life can be heartbreaking, disappointing and cruel, but you don’t have to live with the circumstances of yesterday.  I’ve seen so many people rebuild a better life because of yesterday’s pain.  More than anything, I want you to know that there is a better, beautiful, meaningful future waiting…if you want it.

Brandon’s House Program is…

A Different Approach

A Different Perspective

A Different Kind of Lasting Change

For anyone who has gone through hell, is fed up with their life and serious about changing it.

Supporting those who still want to live their best life possible

To introduce this program and what our mission is to help people rebuild their lives, we offer speaking engagements to any group or service.  Please contact us here to learn more or book a speaking engagement.

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