Drugs are the Epitome of Evil

You were not broken

You were not a horrible person like you thought you were

You were just sick of the life you were living

Disgusted with yourself

But you couldn’t find your way out

You helped so many people

You encouraged people to keep going and not give up

They are still here…you saved them…they miss you

Yet you could not save yourself

This is the tragedy of what drugs do to beautiful people

Drugs hijack your brain, your body and your soul and turn beautiful people into someone they are not

Someone so completely different from the authentic person they are

Drugs are the epitome of evil

Your sensitive soul was not your friend

It led you to seek escape as a way to cope

Sensitivity can be a blessing or a curse

But sensitivity is fragile either way

You needed to believe in yourself more

To see that where you were was temporary

That there was a future free of your past pain

You simply needed more time to heal

Yet even today your beautiful soul inspires me

You taught me more about love and life than anyone else

You will always be my sunshine