I’ve learned that with the right attitude we see more opportunity, more hope, more good, more miracles, more truth and more blue skies.  We feel more happiness, more love, more kindness, more empathy, more passion and more wonderful about everything.  We have more faith, more understanding, more chance, more self-esteem, more character, more inspiration, more dreams, and more tomorrows.  We know that life has only one direction, we know there are no mistakes…only lessons and destiny, we know to make and follow our own rules sometimes, we know not to be apologetic for beating a different drum, we know that people make a difference so to treat them well, we know that attitude is success and success is attitude, and we know that the most wonderful things come from doing what we almost didn’t do.  We relax in the comfort of the River and what resonates with us, that patience is an answer, that nature has all the answers and that family is our most important treasure.  We say yes to life, get to know ourselves, follow our heart, are gentle with ourselves, and are grateful for the small things.  We are resilient survivors, control our emotions, know that endings are beginnings, that there are reasons for the detours, and try again because the next key could be the one.  Mostly we know that whatever life hands us, we are in charge of it now and it’s up to us.  Attitude can do all of this for you and we are absolutely, perfectly in control of our attitude and thus our destiny and our life.