I have an acquaintance I’ve known for years who is negative and miserable. She not only has a negative attitude towards life but endlessly holds grudges. Starting with her parents whom she blames for her downfall because of their divorce, to her sister whom she blames for her family problems, to her ex-spouses she blames for her financial problems, to the neighbors and the government, this woman blames and holds grudges towards just about every part of her life and almost everyone. Because of this, she is miserable. The hostility and anger inside of her festers like a cancer. This has been ongoing for years, and the older she gets the more intense her grudges. I see a human being living in such misery because she can’t let go of her feelings of blame and bitterness towards other people. She blames just about everyone in some way for the way her life has happened…or hasn’t happened…in her mind. What a life killer and how easy it would be for her to wipe that blackboard clean, breathe deep and say “ It’s over, I’m free!” All she has to do is forgive all these people for all the imaginary things she believes they have done to her and finally live. Wouldn’t that be easier than continuing on in agony?  

This is a picture of Will the lion. He was held in a cage in captivity for many years. This picture is when he walked on land for the first time. So glad he was finally freed.