Patience is a whole different kind of attitude. It is a decision to stop struggling, to go with the flow, to be actively passive about your goals and not fret about what isn’t happening. Patience is being in rhythm with the flow of life and not trying to push the river. It doesn’t mean you stop trying, it means you stop spinning your wheels on what isn’t working and stop struggling. There is a calming effect that prevails when you stop the struggle and surrender to the right timing in life while still keeping all you dream about alive. In the book The Power of Patience by M. J. Ryan, “Waiting is opening to intuition, allowing truth to penetrate and move us. It is a receptive place we stop to reflect and wait for the right timing.” You have to remember that things you want take as long as they take to arrive, and if they aren’t here…yet…it is because you have more work to do before you are ready for that desire to materialize.