Rejection is a lifelong experience in all areas of life. Accept it, try to figure what the rejection is telling you, make the necessary adjustments and move on. Rejection is redirection of life. It is the no that is getting you to that number you are waiting for. It is taking one more step towards your goal and keeping you out of the wrong place…the place you don’t want to waste time in. All those no’s are redirecting you down the right path. All the chances you take are attempts that lead you closer to your goal. All the fruitless attempts at life and goals are numbers accumulating towards the end result you want. Rejection is only one person’s opinion anyway, and you are still the same wonderful person after the rejection that you were before. It doesn’t change a thing about you. Be proud you tried.

SWSWSWSW  “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting”

Jack Canfield