Attitude First…All things being equal, Attitude wins.

People with bad attitudes don’t get very far in life. All things being equal, attitude wins.

Beginning with attitude is not without purpose. If this were a Life 101 course, it would definitely start with attitude. Possessing the right attitude is primary if you care about the quality of your life. It will be one of the most transformational aspects of your being. The most powerful, peaceful and liberating adjustment you could possibly make for yourself is to change any attitude of negativity into positivity. From how you think about yourself to how you think about the world, your attitude will shape you.

Attitude can free or imprison you

People have a tendency to accentuate the negative. Since you don’t want negativity in any form, when negative events happen, they can seem overwhelming. When engrossed in the negative, you forget that positive thoughts are more powerful and have the power to turn the negative around. Allow good thoughts to dominate your thinking and suppress the negative. Yes, it’s a conscious effort and not easy, but nothing worthwhile will come from negativity.Start by changing your self-talks in ways you are not used to, with new words. Reinvent your whole vocabulary with positive words. If you want life to change for the better, you have to change what you say, how you think and what you do.

I wish I would have understood the power of attitude at a much younger age.  I never knew until I was much older that people have the choice to change their attitude.

Years ago, and long before “The Secret” came out, I started to realize that the negative thoughts I had were instilled in me during my childhood. I hated the way I thought and the way my thoughts made me feel. One afternoon while driving, I heard a song on the radio that motivated me to make a change. I decided I would turn around every negative thought I had with a positive one, whether I believed the new thought or not. The “whether I believed it or not” part was the key because at first I didn’t believe it. As usual when changing anything, it is difficult at first. I kept drifting back to the negative thoughts but would catch myself and change to a positive one…with an “Oh sure” at the end. After about two months I started to notice that not only was I consistently turning around thoughts, but I wasn’t having the negative thoughts as frequently. Then some wonderful things began to happen. I noticed I was happier, more content, and much more optimistic. I couldn’t believe the change in me because of this simple change in my self-talks.   

To possess the “right” attitude is a commitment to yourself. It is the same as vowing to yourself, that nothing is going to take you down and especially not a bad or wrong attitude. Not history, or people, or circumstances or childhood has a right to take from you what you deserve out of life. Only you can do that. Allowing these situations to determine your direction by burying your life in the wrong attitude is deceiving yourself…it’s self-betrayal. The alternative is to simply think differently, and it has got to be a whole lot easier to make this simple effort than to go through life deprived while engulfed in an attitude of improper thinking. Tell yourself that you are worth everything you want. And know that you can have it all by changing your attitude. Few things are as accessible as your ability to control your attitude. Enough said!