Thirty years ago today, you came into my life and changed me forever.  I am a better person because of you.  From the innocence of a child, and before this world had a chance to change you, I learned that you knew more about what is important in life than I did.  You knew about love, that had not yet been crushed with heartache.  You knew that people are our life and you knew how to make people happy.  All these things we learn about as we grow older, you already knew.

You taught me about forgiveness, truly letting go and moving on.  You taught me the deep satisfaction of doing for others.  You were happiest when you were making someone else happy.  You were always thinking about other people…much more than you did yourself.  You reveled in what you could do to make your sister, your family, your friends happy, and you were popular because of it.  Most of all you taught me about real love, a kind that I had never known before.

When you grew older, you dedicated yourself to encouraging other people who were struggling to keep going, to not give up on their future…something you couldn’t do for yourself.  Extremely sensitive and emotionally fragile, this world was cruel for you.  How could life have so drastically changed such a beautiful soul.

And still your beautiful nature is with me every day.  I am so grateful you came into my life, for you are my greatest inspiration, my greatest teacher, my greatest love.  Who would have thought that through the eyes of a child I could learn so much about life?