Life rarely turns out the way we hope or dream.  It’s full of detours and the unexpected. 

There’s joy, happiness and love; yet heartache, despair, and disappointment… It’s a journey of steps forward and backwards.

Life is a journey. There is no destination, for destination is the end. Life is always moving, changing, growing and learning.

Life is about…

Picking yourself up after the heartache to try again.  I pity the rare person who does not experience despair and heartache because they are not living.

Hard work and smart work, new dreams, change, starting over at some point and the determination to keep going when life knocks you down.]

Action, because the inaction of always getting ready to get ready is how life passes you by; and it goes by quickly.

Believing and having faith that you can recreate your life after tragedy.

Knowing when something ends, that something new is waiting.

Finding the good from the bad. 

Reveling in the blessings, moments and memories that take your breath away.

Knowing when to let go and walk away, or seize the opportunity before it’s gone. 

Opening up and taking chances, for risk brings rewards.

Knowing when to set aside the responsibilities to enjoy your life, the people and things you love, the sunshine, or even the rain. Spending time on yourself is never wasted, even if you spend it doing nothing.

Finding peace and acceptance with who you are and loving yourself, for a lack of self-worth will negatively affect your quality of life.

Learning about life is from living life, not from school.

Your values and character, for what you value is a reflection of who you are and how you live.

Not waiting for something to end or begin when you can start living right now, because life is shorter than you think.

Living in the moment, going with the flow, and allowing life to unfold naturally.

Attitude, for attitude will make you or break you.

And, most importantly…

Life is about people and finding the right people to go through life with…the ones who inspire you, encourage you, grow with you, stand by you, love you, and lift you up, not tear you down. 

“The people you let into your life and allow them to stay

 can make your life heaven or hell on earth… 

Choose wisely”


Brandon’s House 

Hoping 2021 is a much better year  for all of us