I Wanted to Write These Thoughts to Encourage

I started Brandon’s House to help others with the horrible life that addiction leads to.  Helping people in a way that, by learning its downward spiral, which sometimes leads to death, I could save people in the future from this hell on earth.  But, also to build a community similar to this one where people who have endured the worst…losing a child, or even a loved one to addiction, could join the cause. I do this to educate, encourage, inspire, give hope, and support people to grow, find their strengths, passions and talents to help others and to live again.  So, with my blog I write to inspire and give hope that people will find from my words something to look forward to again and forever.

My experience living through the hell of addiction with my son, my life experience, years of study to gain knowledge, my passion for spirituality and living my best life, is the education I created for myself to be able to share with others, to give hope, educate and help you create new life. There is life after death and trauma.  Even though our precious loved ones are gone, they live again through us and what we do with our lives from now forward.

I Wanted to Write These Thoughts to Encourage

A few days ago, President Trump stated that the US has implemented a plan to open up the quarantine nationwide in phases.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.

But life interrupted will never go back to what it was. The world has changed and this change is permanent. Even though this change has been overwhelming, radical change can bring amazing new life.

First, we have to overcome the fear that has engulfed the world with the predictions of the COVID 19 virus. Fear is rampant now and people are withdrawing…not in isolation with the quarantine, but from life. There’s a loss of confidence, dreams and the life we have known with so many people being out of work and businesses failing. We have to come out of fear because fear disables, makes us feel powerless, and makes the wrong choices. Our fear right now is worse than the virus for it is killing our hope, our dreams, and our faith. 

You start by realizing that fear is the enemy and you have to take control of your fearful, negative thoughts so they don’t run and ruin your life. With fear you will always be enduring pain, doubt, hiding, holding off and only surviving.

All people on the earth will at some time be affected by loss, tragedy, rejection, and any other form of life interrupted that will change the trajectory of their lives forever.  We are forced to overcome these challenges and embrace new life through innovation and creativeness with our ability to be resilient and handle failure and change.

The real healing is through our hearts, our gifts, passions, faith and our connections with people. Connection with others is crucial to our well-being.  We as humans crave connection with others.  Relationships are our power and relationships are the answer.  New relationships, dreams, new anything and away from pain, fear and difficulty.   

We spend way too much time online and way too little time together with each other. 

We need to get off line and out in the world more.  Facebook, Instagram, ordering online and all the other sites that are keeping us in front of a computer are robbing us of real connection, real relationships and real progress

Find your faith. Faith is life and leads us in the right direction

Faith is a huge word with a huge meaning.  Faith is power.  We should all find something to have faith in.  Faith gives us the ability to find higher meaning and life again.

Humans are resilient and our resilience is greater than our problems and our challenges.

We need to start new small businesses.  If you want to make America great again, start new business and buy American.  Yes, online is convenient, but we’re becoming a nation of overweight, recluses because we’re hiding indoors too much.  This quarantine should have made it clear just how important it is to interact in person.  While we are vegetating online, online companies are becoming filthy rich while small business is becoming extinct.  We need to restart the economy by getting brick and mortar (or homemade) businesses back and buy American.

Be innovative in re-creating your new life.  We all have a talent.  Find it, use it, and build on it.  The best homemade businesses are the ones we start from our talents and passions. 

Surround yourself with the right people…people who inspire and support you.  Negativity just brings you down and makes you feel awful.  Get rid of it.  Take in anything from anywhere that lifts you up and makes you feel positive and hopeful. 

Have a future vision.  Some people are hit harder than others with heartache, tragedy, death, and loss; however, those people are the ones who have the most to offer others in the way of support and help.  The people who have gone through the toughest life are the most likely to become angels to others.  People are shaped by the difficulties we encounter, and in many cases, the hardest trials are the one that humble us.  Through that we find ourselves and our calling. In every crisis we find opportunity for change. You have to adopt beliefs and a mentality that empowers you. Grow and share with others so perhaps their journey may be may be better because of you.

We all fail at something…and many times.  However, the people who succeed are the ones that try again, and again, and again until they succeeded because they refuse to give up.  Imagine giving up on love just because you have one or two or more disappointments?

Don’t let life pass you by…want more, be responsible for your life, do not settle, defy limitations and when people tell you you can’t, reach, and don’t give up.  You are more than the tragedies that happen in your life and from that you can find your place in the world.

In spite of COVID 19, I truly believe that there is something wonderful happening here that we can’t see yet…that what’s coming is better than what is gone. 

Today is a new day to be grateful for all we have.  This quarantine will end.  The virus will end.  We all will start over and it will be better.

Never give up, focus on what you want to do for the rest of your life, believe in yourself, believe in your new path and do what our loved ones would want us to do…live, laugh and love again.

Velinda and Jenna

Brandon’s House