It’s Easter and Springtime…a time of Rebirth and Newness

“People seem to lose faith so easily. 

Isn’t that the whole point of believing? 

That tomorrow will bring promises

today couldn’t make”

Jenna Gilbert


Since the CoronaVirus hijacked our lives, I have shunned away from posting.  Not because of the Virus, but because of how too many people are reacting to the news and the changes it has made in our lives.  Yes, this is devastating, yes, it is serious and yes, we have to be careful and protect ourselves.  But it doesn’t mean we have to stop living. 

The media can take over our minds and fears like a drug.  The news, although in its attempt to inform, always seems slighted towards the negative.  I have yet to hear about how many people who have had the virus have recovered as opposed to how many people have died!  And while it is heartbreaking the loss, most people who get the virus will recover from it. 

In addition to news that is real, are many videos going around the internet that are doomsday predictions with conspiracy theories that do nothing but make us even more fearful.  Are they even true?  Fear disables us and creates imagined scenarios. Fear locks us down and we don’t grow…we stagnate.  The news media seems to be expert at creating fear and apprehension. 

Use common sense in what you believe about what is going around the internet.  Listen to only what is true and not opinions or theories that are meant to scare us.  What good does that do to help us progress, to help us get through this, to help us keep some semblance of hope?  For our own mental and emotional well-being, it’s time to work on changing how we are reacting to all the fear and anticipation of what is to come.  No, the world is not coming to an end…so stop entertaining any thought of that. 

With this Easter season we are reminded that life does recreate itself after loss.  Nothing stays the same no matter how devastating it may seem at the time. Life is constantly changing and evolving.  I believe along with these changes that this time of the virus is a correction in many of our lives, encouraging us to reconnect with what is important…like we did after 911.  I feel we’ve drifted away from that as is evidenced by all the hoarding that is happening, instead of working together.  This is a time to reconnect with joy and happiness, people, newness, dreams and yourself.  It is a time to let go of the small things and what doesn’t matter.  It is a time to re-think our lives, recreate, eliminate what we don’t want and embrace what we do want that we may have put off for way too long.

Even though it is difficult to see the future right now, it all will return.  Not as life was, but better, for that is the nature of corrections. Like the forest after the fire, life will flourish again.  Jobs will return, health will return, relationships will be strengthened, and life will be more appreciated.

It’s springtime, a time of rebirth and newness. In spite of the virus, the flowers will bloom, butterflies will fill the air, baby animals will be born, and the sun will still shine. There are new things growing spiritually in us now, even if we don’t feel them yet.  Embrace what is to come and spend time on the dreams and desires that tomorrow will bring.  And in this season don’t forget about hope and faith.  At a time when life isn’t working, faith does.

Happy Easter

Velinda and Jenna