Dear Santa                                                                                                                                                                                                I have all I need for Christmas. 

I have my children, my family, friends, a home and all that goes with it, my health, and time to spend living life my way.  I know now at my stage of life what’s important, and I’m grateful to have those things that make life…life

Instead, I hope you leave presents for those who do not have what I have.  Not in the form of silly gifts that no one needs, but in the form of what is way more valuable.


This is my Christmas wish for you…

That you realize persistent faith and belief is the magic that will allow your dreams to flourish.

That you experience unforgettable magic moments that live on in your heart.

Appreciate nature, for nature is omniscient and will teach you about resilience.

To know that those you have lost are not gone as they live within your heart forever.

That all the resources you need to acquire anything in life come from inside of you.

To have the courage to get up and start over when life slams you.

The strength to walk away from negativity, toxicity and anything that is trying to bring you down.

That you have a place to call home, as home is where life happens

To know that you are born perfect and enough to attract what is meant for you, and you don’t need to change or conform to society.

That you realize freedom, independence, the ability to make your own decisions, and live life the way you want is invaluable and should not be jeopardized.

If it is worth pursuing, that you try and try and try again until you get it right, because giving up is for cowards.

That family, love, and the ability to create your own life, dreams, and passions is what we are here for.

That good character and values are far more appealing and lasting than money or good looks.

That life is not fair, and really unfair for some, however always evolving with second chances.

To know that failure, disappointment, mistakes and even heartache are only redirecting you towards a life that better resonates with what you really want.

That what we think about ourselves reflects in the life we live, so challenge any thoughts that do not inspire positivity.

That peace of mind is worth striving for way more than money, power, or fame.

That the real treasures in life are found in everyday simple things life brings to us naturally.

And…to know and experience love so you will know what life is all about

Life is these things and more, and believing and living from them will bring you gifts and riches more valuable than any presents.