Too many people don’t know what they want.  They drift into a life based on social norms, preset ideas of how they think life is supposed to be, what their parents want, or a lifestyle they fall into by default.  However, 85% of people dislike their jobs, and many people are not happy with the life they are living.  Yet these people wallow in their self-created unhappy lifestyle and make little to no effort to change.  This is especially true of people who have lived a tough life.

Creating your life from your inner vision is creating a lifestyle you want to live.   Start with analysis and self-discovery.  A happy life starts with your own vision.  The answers of what you want are inside of you.  It’s your authentic self fueled by a desire to live your own life.

When people don’t create life from their vision, they find change difficult to make.  Motivation doesn’t work by itself.  You need a burning desire to guide you.  If more people would live from their own manifesto, they would have a happier, more satisfied life.

Start from your vision, write your own manifesto and watch life happen.