Life isn’t about…

The next responsibility

Waiting for the right time

Excuses because we don’t have enough money

Enough time

No one to go with

Or what other people might think

The responsibilities and the things you have to do will still be there, and the problems will pass.

One day you will look back and regret…wishing you wouldn’t have waited or put off your dreams and your life with the excuses you gave.

You will regret the things you had a passion for but didn’t do

You will regret the things you didn’t say

The chances you didn’t take

The hugs you didn’t give

And the fun you passed up because of a lesser obligation

Those regrets and missed opportunities will come back to haunt you because life is about living first.

It’s the happy memories we make that stick with us…

Spending time with people we love,

Grabbing fun from the smallest things,

Appreciating and being grateful for all the good we have.

Live is about laughter, watching the sunrise, dancing even when we don’t know the steps, roses, weekend trips to new places, Christmas morning, watching our pets play, nature in all its wisdom, singing even if you don’t know the words, holding hands, kisses, smiles, a peaceful moment doing nothing, coffee in the morning, snowflakes on your face, the wind through your hair, your children…no matter what you are doing together, taking chances, and all the beauty of what life gives us free for the taking.

These are the events that become a part of our soul and the opportunities fade away quickly. 

Life is in the things you do everyday to bring about joy…no more letting them pass you by


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