Every day I wake up Sober is a GOOD DAY❤️  

Seriously, life is sooooo much better sober!

If you are currently struggling with any sort of addiction and you know that your life isn’t progressing or the very thing(s) you most want seem to be far out of reach, I can tell you right now that your biggest block is the addiction. Too many people who use substance abuse are in denial about how their habit affects their life.  They feel they have it under control. But no one addicted to any kind of substance abuse has it under control.  And until you choose to let this fantasy go and step into a new life.. YOU WILL ALWAYS STRUGGLE TO GET WHERE YOU WANT TO BE AND LIVE UNFULFILLED IN LACK!

The reason I got hooked was because I was heartbroken from my first real relationship break up.  However, by choosing to use, I was affirming to myself that I wasn’t loveable. I am not saying you can’t find love when you use, because I have loved and been loved during my addiction. But the underline problem of me continuing to use was me re-affirming that I wasn’t worthy of this love, and so eventually that belief would in some way, shape, or form manifest into my relationships and my life. You can try to love yourself all you want, but until you really break free from those chains you will never really know the true feeling of what it’s like to love yourself. And it’s then when you are really ready for the first time to receive true love and give the highest form of love Like Never Before!! 😘