Refuse to be a victim…

I’ve experienced a lot of adversity and devastation in my life

Life hasn’t happened as I had planned

I’ve suffered from disappointment, betrayal, heartache and failure

I’ve let myself down…going against what I authentically believe

I’ve allowed the wrong people into my life

I’ve given up on my dreams and aspirations

And I’ve lost confidence in who I am

But that was yesterday…

Today, I refuse to be a victim of anything from my past

I want to be happy

 I want to be me

I still have dreams

I want to meet new people, new life

I want to feel love

I’m not done yet…

Happy people keep growing

Happy people keep learning and searching

Happy people keep dreaming

Happy people don’t give up

Happy people are true to themselves

Happy people have gentle hearts

Happy people feel and express love

Happy people are at peace with themselves and life

Refuse to be a victim…no matter what has happened to you