When life blows the cold winds your way and you experience devastating loss, it’s hard to imagine that you will ever be happy again

It’s normal to lose faith in life, in love, in people, in God (or whatever you believe in)…in everything.

I know this…

And the pain will always be with you, for your heart will always remember and feel the loss

However, loss opens up your senses and you experience things like you never did before

The world seems different and looks different

You appreciate everything more than before

What matters has more depth

Little things have meaning

You notice the world around you with intensity…the way the wind feels when it blows on you, the feel of sunlight on skin, flowers and trees you never saw before, even the butterflies you never noticed that were always in your yard

You realize that every living creature has a right to life so you are more gentle with nature

You feel differently inside

Life seems…new…somehow

You approach people differently…actually looking into their faces

You don’t get upset over the insignificant

You let life happen instead of trying to push.

You realize that most of your possessions, with the exceptions of those that hold valuable memories, aren’t important any more.

And you know that the nonsense you think about, worry about, and fear about is unnecessary burden that really doesn’t matter.

Overall, what’s important and what matters becomes glaringly obvious and what doesn’t simply fades away.

Life is absolutely different and will never be the same.

You have an entirely new view of what life is all about.

But never forget that with time you can live again, love again, feel again, and be happy again.

 It will just be with a whole new set of values and depth