At the end of your life you will not wish you had one more fix, one more drink, or one more high.

You’ll wish you could spend one more day with the people you love, one more day playing with your pets, one more day to watch the sunrise, one more day to hold someone who loves you, one more day to bask in the bliss of a peaceful mind.

You’ll wish you had tried harder to get sober, believed in yourself more, had more confidence in yourself, gone after your dreams, chosen friends who really cared about you, stood up to people who treated you like you didn’t matter. 

You’ll wish you had looked at life differently, been able to see your current reality as just a phase…that a sober future was yours for the taking, that you were in charge of your destiny.

You’ll wish you would have realized how much you matter to the people who love you and how much they would hurt without you. 

You’ll wish you had never started using.

Life and what matters will suddenly be omnisciently clear,,,

You’ll wish you had one more chance…

but it will be too late

You have one more chance now.  


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