Never let anyone belittle you or try to bring you down.

Standards and boundaries are beliefs you have about what is best for you.  Your beliefs about what you think and feel is right or wrong and living by these beliefs.  They protect you and instill self-worth by saying “these are my limitations and I’m living by them.”  They’re like a personal pre-nup for your life.

Standards and Boundaries are an act of self-love

Part of standards and boundaries is how you let other people treat you.  What you tolerate is what you get.  And if you tolerate being treated negatively, your “selfs” (self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-confidence, etc.,) are eroded.  Don’t let anyone mess with your standards and boundaries.  Don’t let anyone belittle you or try to bring you down.  If you are trying your best and for the right reasons, there is no justification for anyone belittling you.

Stand up for yourself and ignore them.

Remember their behavior is about them, not you.