By:  Velinda Peyton

 Ask yourself the tough questions…

    Is this all there is or is there more (believe me, there’s more). 

    Is this the way I want to live for the rest of my life?

    What do I really want…what would it be if nothing were standing in my way?

    What will I regret not doing when I’m 80 years old…and start doing it now?

    What makes me feel alive, happy, satisfied, and a feeling that “this is what I want…

    this is me and how I want to live my life”

Be committed to your future 

Don’t doubt that you can change and that your life can change.   Feel good about the future and keep going even when things seem to be stagnant.

Own your story

Be responsible for your life.  You made the choices you are living and you can make different ones.  You don’t have to stay where you are or live the way you have been if it’s not where you want to be.

Believe and be positive

Zap your negative, doubtful thoughts and turn them into positive and hopeful ones.  Think from a place of abundance not lack.  Positive thinking makes all the difference.

Be with people…the right people. 

People are life and we all need relationships.  You may fear relationships, however, remember isolation is not without pain.  Make new friends, be involved with people.  This alone will raise your mood and open you up to new contacts that can bring new beginnings into your life.

Stay active

Activity keeps you focused and away from what you don’t want.  Activity brings about results as opposed to drifting into idle time old bad habits.

Fight for your life and the people who love you

You are worth it and believing in yourself builds confidence.  Confidence leads to a better relationship with yourself, higher self-esteem and self-worth.

Help others

Helping others is one of the secrets of life to feeling good about yourself. 

Start where you are and don’t fear

Fear doesn’t mean a thing except it’s uncertain and causes a person to be apprehensive. Just start and the fear will disappear. Every step, every day you are building a momentum towards your goals.