Our thoughts and beliefs are what shape our lives and our future.  Whatever you think, feel, and believe is what you will live…even if the beliefs and thoughts have no validity…even if they are wrong.  If you think you are broken and can’t be fixed, you will not try and will stay your status quo, for example 

The thing about our thoughts and beliefs is that they can be changed.  Our brains are like a computer and the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and life are the programming we download into our brains.  People feel they can’t change these thoughts and beliefs, but they are wrong.

New behaviors, patterns, attitude, thoughts and beliefs…these are easy to change, yet so difficult to convince people that it’s possible.  It takes time, change, conviction and determination to put these changes into practice, and that is the problem…some people don’t want to make the effort.  But like anything in life, for it to be possible, you have to first want it. 

So if your life isn’t where you want it to be and you yearn for more, what other choice is there but to make the decision to change.

Like the caterpillar, there can be a completely different life if you want it.